Shatter Me by: Tahereh Mafi



Okay so Mafi literally OBLITERATED me in this book, I mean we all know what a Maas fan I am. But this book really made me jump ship every five seconds. This is worse than Twilight. Much Worse. When I mean worse, I mean like I had Warner fever or an Adam high… There was no way around it. Tahereh kept on playing with my heart and emotions it was NOT fair. Onto the actual review now:

My first favorite quote is:

“Oh. God. His eyes (37).”

I mean come on Mafi.. you just summed up my love life in these three words.

So, this story is about a girl named Juliette who has a lethal touch and she is locked up in an asylum, the place where crazy people go. Then it gets interesting once Adam gets in the picture he’s the cellmate she is given after being alone for almost one year. This is when it gets interesting, basically she is wanted as a weapon to work in the Resistance.

OH AND LET ME INTRODUCE YOU to WARNER. Okay he might come off as a little bit creepy and a complete psycho. I MEAN like NUTS! But give him a chance, he won’t disappoint you. SO back to this review Adam is really hot and so is Warner. Juliette is gorgeous and deadly. This is set in the future when the world is kind of ending and birds don’t fly which makes me want to appreciate the fact that birds still fly while I’m still alive.

I love how Juliette grows into herself in Shatter Me.

“I am not your freak, I will not perform for you.”

I imagined a seal in a circus beeping the horns in this scene. I’m SORRY I just had to say it. But I still love this scene.

Also, Warner and Juliette’s banter is everything I live for.

“You don’t know it yet, Juliette, but you are a very bad girl. Just my type.”

I’m sorry again but I CLUTCHED MY HEART. I think Mafi is making sure I stay single for the rest of eternity.

Okay three for Adam,

“Adam, I’d recognize your eyes anywhere in this world.”

“Your touch Is the only thing keeping me from losing my mind.”

“It’s sexy as hell. You look like a super hero.”


OKAY so I am OBSSESSED with Adam’s eyes they are COBALT blue. That is my favorite color. Ever. For those who don’t know I have Emerald green eyes so I’m not crazy about Warner’s eyes but Adam’s eyes.. oh lord I can’t type correctly just thinking about him. Okayy moving on. If you really want to know why I can’t type a proper review just read Shatter Me then we can talk.

Okay so another favorite character of mine if Kenji. He is just hilarious, all around a great guy. Basically he’s the guy I would go to complain about my guy problems with Warner and Adam. He is a friend of Adam’s and I laugh so hard whenever he appears in the book. I could totally hang out with Kenji on any given day in the week, but that kid will STAY in the friend zone. 😉

“ I don’t think there’s ever a bad time to get naked, but now is probably not the best time for a nooner.”

I MEAN WHO SAYS THAT?! I will tell you: KENJI Okay a few more teaser.

“ Aw , you trust me?”

“ As long as I have a clear shot.”

I don’t know why, but I kind of like it when you threaten me.”

“ That’s because you’re an idiot.”

“ Nah, You’ve got a sexy voice. Makes everything sound naughty.”

Last one:

“Just the way he looks at you. Like putting food in front of a starving man and telling him he can’t eat it.”

Back to the review, this book was a roller coaster of emotions. If you didn’t realize the tangents I went on then there is something wrong with you and we should be friends. 😛 Regardless, this book has some major character development, insane world building, swoon worthy characters and a lovely twisted plot. I am so excited to see how to rest of the series plays out! If you haven’t read Shatter Me yet you definitely should!

I’d definitely give this book a 4.5 / 5 stars because as much as I loved it, I felt like I needed a bit more for it to be a 5 star book ( sorry all my SM fans). But I still did love it so there’s that! I can’t wait to read the rest of the trilogy and see what else unfolds in this wonderful world Mafi has created.




4 thoughts on “Shatter Me by: Tahereh Mafi

  1. I have been really wanting to read this, and my library has all three ebooks, I’m just waiting until I have a little less stress so that I can binge-read without feeling guilty! I love books that are emotionall rollercoasters, and the characters sound so interesting, and you’ve definitely got me even more excited to try it!


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