The Crown’s Game by: Evelyn Skye



This book was pure magic, Evelyn Skye really did do this story justice. From the world building to the intense action packed drama that takes place, I can’t comprehend the amount of turmoil I under went for this book. Right when I think the action in the story was slowing down, I was thrown in the ringer once again. What I enjoyed the most about the story is that it was different from everything I’ve read before, and that is very Russian inspired.

Also, this book was written from 5 point of views so it kept on switching back and forth between characters. Sometimes it got a bit confusing but then once you’re onboard with the book you get used to it!

This story is about Russia during the times when Tsars were ruling it and magic was a myth. Russia needed a new enchanter except there was an issue, there were two available enchanters thus the Tsar commenced the Crowns Game which is a five round tournament where each enchanter displays their abilities and the one that impresses the Tsar the most is maned the winner.

The first Enchanter is Vika, what I adored about Vika other than her strength is her hair. It’s Red with a black streak in it’s middle, I mean it doesn’t get any more creative that. She is an only child and is raised and trained by her father Sergei for the Crowns Game. They live on Ovinnich island away from the capital where the Tsar lives.

The second enchanter is Nikolai, it took awhile for Nik to grow on me simply because I was rooting for Pasha. Nonetheless, the more I read the more he grew on me. Nik is an orphan that was taken in by Galina as her student and she would be his mentor.

Now onto Pasha, he was by far my favorite character because there are so many sides to him. I personally loved how outgoing and down to earth he was for being the tsarevich next to inherit the throne after his father the Tsar. I also connect with him because he is the eldest child so he needs to be responsible for a lot of things and I can relate with him on that point.

Other than that, I feel this story is definitely worth your time and you should read it and hopefully my review will encourage you to do so!


I would give this book overall a 3.5 / 5 stars because as much as I love Russian folklore and settings and what not, I felt like the book lacked something. It’s still a good book and worth your time but it does drag on a bit but the picks up and it’s told in approximately 10 point of views so if you hate reading in multiple  povs then this is not the book for you.




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